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Hello! My name is Wendi Magee and I am a Detroiter looking to expand my career in Software development! I am particularly interested in back-end development and am currently in Grand Circus' Q1 2021 C#, .NET Coding Bootcamp. I would love to join a growing company that fosters self improvement and autonomous learners. I have a long career of teaching myself many skills, from starting my own business to renovating a historic home in Detroit! I believe software development is the best avenue for utilizing my communication skills and "self-starter" qualities.

About nine years ago, I started my business Artifex Detroit. I had nothing to invest but my own time and money and I stepped out on a journey that I am happy to still be walking today. Over a number of years my products got more complex and my business bigger as my skills and knowledge grew. I have spent thousands of hours toiling away at my craft and that is what I hear software programming is all about.

If you would like to contact me, please feel free to send me a message on LinkedIn or email me at WendiMagee@gmail.com